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Terms of Use for DiCO's websites

1. Identity
2. Introduction, Basic Conditions
3. Availability, Product Characteristics and Prices
4. Payment methods
5. Order processing
6. Postage and Receipt
7. After Sales Service and Guarantees

8. Privacy and Security Issues
9. Return Policy
10. Disclaimer
11. Our Contribution to the Environment
12. Intellectual Property Rights - Copyright Policy

1. Identity

The website www.dico.gr contains amongst others information about professional hair products, while DiCOagora (est. January 2009) is an electronic shop; both were created by DiCO Professional Welfare Solutions (or simply DiCO).

2. Introduction, Basic Conditions

2.1. Viewing, accessing or using this website constitutes full compliance with these Terms of Use (hereafter "Terms"), which the visitor or user (hereafter „the Visitor") is expected to read carefully.

2.2. The websites www.dico.gr, www.edhardystyle.gr, www.marrakesh.gr, all of  their sub domains and the e-shop DiCOagora are created and owned by DiCO Professional Welfare Solutions (hereafter "DiCO").

2.3. The Visitor accepts and agrees to use this website and all of the websites owned by DiCO only in a lawful and legitimate way. Unauthorized use or modification of any information in this website may result in legal prosecution under Hellenic Law. The Visitor therefore agrees that he/she will not use this website or other websites of DiCO for the following (indicative and not restrictive):
   a) installing or forwarding of self inducting or not authorized advertisement of any kind, unrequested electronic messages (spam) or any other form of unwanted material in any way,
   b) interrupting or modifying the operation of this website or other websites or eshops of DiCO, misguiding or giving false information to third parties regarding the content of any of DiCOs websites or eshops, causing any damage to the image of DiCO or of third parties, restricting or inhibiting any third party from using and accessing the websites of DiCO or its eshops,
   c) disturbing or causing damage of any kind to any party in any way, sending, publishing or transmitting any content which is against the Law or against the common commercial ethics, which violates the privacy, the personal or public rights of any party in any way, which is unethical, insulting, slandering, libelling, threatening, obscene, which expresses racial, ethnic or other forms of preconception,
   d) sending, publishing or transmitting any content which violates any patent, trademark, commercial secret, copyrights or any other property rights of any third party or any content for which the Visitor does not have any rights to send,  publish or transmit according to the Terms, the legal legislation or other contracts and business relations (e.g. internal company information, private or confidential information, or information covered by confidentiality agreements),
   e) sending, publishing or transmitting any material which contains computer viruses or any other code, file or programme designed to influence, interrupt, cause malfunction or damage any electronic equipment, software or material, collect any kind of information or hide malicious or unwanted functions,
   f) deliberately or unintentionally violating legal legislation or legal orders,
   g) collecting or storing personal data of any kind.

2.4. DiCO reserves the right to limit or deny your access to this website or take other appropriate action if you violate any of the Terms or if you conduct any activity that violates the rights of any person or entity, or which DiCO in its sole discretion deem unlawful, offensive, threatening or potentially harmful or malicious.

2.5. In the case of using this website in an illegal way or in a way that violates the Terms, the Visitor is liable for any actual or consequential loss of DiCO.

2.6. DiCO reserves the right to modify and change the Terms anytime and without further notice, is nevertheless obliged to update these texts with the respective modifications and/or additions.

2.7. Communications made through this website's e-mail and messaging system shall in no way be deemed to constitute legal notice to DiCO or any of its associates or representatives, unless it is required by contract, or by the regulations of Hellenic Law.

2.8. DiCO not making use of its rights resulting from the Terms does not constitute DiCOs renouncement of these rights whatsoever.

2.9. Responsible for any action arising out of or related to DiCOs websites are the Courts of Athens, Greece and such actions shall be filed only in the Hellenic prefecture of Attika. DiCO reserves also the right of lawsuit in the Visitors domicile.

3. Availability, Product Characteristics and Prices
4. Payment methods
5. Order processing
6. Postage and Receipt
7. After Sales Service and Guarantees

At present the e-shop DiCO agora is available only for residents in Greece and Cyprus and only for certain products. For information on sections 3 to 7, please refer to the terms' version in Greek.

8. Privacy and Security Issues

8.1. Securing the privacy of personal data
DiCO has taken all measures and uses up-to-date and advanced methods to ensure the best possible security of visitors' personal data and the confidentiality of electronic exchange.
DiCO by no means reveals or publishes the Visitors personal data and information without written authorization by the Visitor himself or unless such is demanded by court decision or other Authority.
According to Articles 11, 12 and 13 of Hellenic Law 2472/1997, the Visitor has the right to access data with personal character which he has entrusted to DiCO and which are being or have been processed by DiCO. The Visitor has also the right to present any disagreement for the process of such data.
All data and information of visitors which may be kept by DiCO are guarded with absolute security and are processed only by accordingly authorized personnel. Customers email addresses may be used to send newsletters of similar products but are never used to send spam or annoying messages of any kind. In any case, the customer has the right to ask for the deletion of his/her email anytime.

8.2. Customer registration and codes
Service reserved for Greek viewers only. Please refer to the terms' version in Greek.

8.3. About Cookies
„Cookies“ are small data files which are transported from a website to the hard drive of visitors computers. These data files stay in the computer and are used to adjust the website to the needs of the visitors and for login purposes. Cookies can be sent when a website is accessed, when visitors ask for or adjust information or log in to use certain services. Accepting cookies used by DiCOs websites does not grand DiCO access to any of the Visitors personal information. The Visitor can nevertheless adjust his/her browser so that it does not receive cookies or delete cookies after visiting any of DiCOs websites.

8.4. Payment security
Please refer to the terms' version in Greek.

9. Return Policy

Services reserved for Greek viewers only. Please refer to the terms' version in Greek.

10. Disclaimer

10.1. DiCO is not liable for failure to perform any of its obligations resulting from the Terms if such failure is as a result of any Force Majeure such as (indicatively, not restrictively) natural disasters and extreme weather conditions, earthquake, flood, fire, storm, hostilities, lockout, interruption or failure of electricity or telephone service, or any other case of emergency.

10.2. The websites of DiCO provide information, products or services “as they are”, without warranty of any kind, either express or implied, including without limitation warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, title, security, accuracy and non-infringement.

10.3. DiCOs websites do not provide medical or legal advice. DiCO disclaims any liability arising out of or related to information or services provided through its websites and the availability of such, the content, function and/or use of its websites and/or eventual not authorized interactions of any third party in products, services or information provided by its websites or the function, malfunction or disability to provide information or services through its websites. The Visitor makes use of the information in DiCOs websites at his/hers own risk and assumes full responsibility for this use.

10.4. Although DiCO takes all possible actions to ensure maintenance and availability of its websites, the Visitor agrees that DiCO has the right to modify and/or interrupt all or some of its websites with or without notification, as availability can also depend on the Visitors equipment, telecommunication networks, number of simultaneous users or other factors. DiCO has therefore no responsibilities and disclaims any liability for any form of damage, positive or induced, deliberate or unintentional, which results from inability to access any of its websites, interruption of their availability, loss of their content or mistakes of any kind. In any case DiCO reserves the right to interrupt the function of any of its websites or any part of them for any reason, permanently or for a short time.

10.5. Although DiCO takes all possible actions to protect its websites from digital viruses, it cannot guarantee that they will never be infected. The Visitor makes use of DiCOs websites at his/hers own risk and assumes full responsibility and risk of loss resulting from communications, downloading and/or using any form of content in any of DiDOs websites. DiCO expressly disclaims all liability for any possible loss or damage that may occur to the Visitors electronic material, software or equipment as a result of using any of DiCOs websites and expressly disclaims all liability for issues based on any or all of the contents of its websites. Therefore, the Visitor should take virus protective measures by applying special antivirus software or other systems.

10.6. DiCOs websites may also provide links to third party websites, for which DiCO is not responsible for, indicative but not restrictive, their security, legitimacy, content, products, services, commercial or industrial intellectual property rights or any other third party rights. DiCO is neither bound to, nor can control the security and content of third party websites or services and reserves the right to remove, modify or interrupt any link to websites of other parties or services anytime according to its judgement. The Visitor makes use of external links in DiCOs websites and visits websites of third parties at his/hers own risk and assumes full responsibility.

11. Our Contribution to the Environment

During order processing and postage, DiCO utilises recycled and recyclable materials; recycling and re-utilising of packaging and office material is a common company practice. DiCO also encourages its customers to recycle packaging whenever they can.

12. Intellectual Property Rights, Copyright Policy

12.1. All content of DiCOs websites including art, graphics, pictures, photos, texts, services and products are owned or controlled by DiCO and is protected by the respective legislation of Hellenic and European Law and international convections.

12.2. Any unauthorized copying, distribution, transmission, reproduction, republication, uploading, transfer, modification or reselling of any of the material, be it electronic or not, as well as any creation of generated work or misguidance of public regarding the true owner of DiCOs websites and their content is prohibited.

12.3. Any reproduction, reissuing, transfer, announcement, distribution, transmission or any other use of the content of DiCO's websites in any way or by any means for commercial or any other purpose can be allowed only after the express written permission of DiCO and only according to the guidelines set by DiCO.

12.4. All names, pictures, photos, logos and special characteristics that represent DiCO, its products and services or third parties and their respective products and services are exclusive intellectual property of DiCO or the respective intellectual property right holder and are protected by intellectual property and trademark legislation.

12.5. Content, images or information from other sources are accompanied by credits to their creators wherever and whenever possible. Should the content of this website bring forth any copyright or personal data issues that concern you, send an email with all necessary evidence and we will address them as soon as possible.

12.6. Copyright January 2009, DiCO Professional Welfare Solutions. All rights reserved.

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In effect as of and from: January 1, 2009. Last update: 31/10/2011.

If you have questions regarding the use of DiCO's websites or their terms of use, do not hesitate to contact us.
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